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Lollygaggin in London

Stephanie Pulido

Between not having any family and barely any friends abroad, I decided to reach out to a fellow Austinite that I hardly knew to create, get to know and spend Christmas with. I honestly do not care for the holiday as I am not Christian, and has become a day for conformists to have an excuse to indulge in consumerism. It boggles my mind we live in a society filled with lies of Santa Claus, overconsumption of technology and mast produced items made in 3rd world countries on fractions of a dollar. I splurged and bought Reeboks for 20 quid which I still feel a little guilty about it but I justified my purchase by all my clothing being second hand and I have been wearing the same pair of shoes for the last few months as the ones I initially came with were falling apart.

We rode around the city hungover, ate salted beef bagels and were orphans on Christmas with no heat, a fridge full of reductions and listened to to George Michael while watching Mark Mothersbaugh videos.  We drank over priced drinks at a trendy restaurant in Soho, just so I could get a few shots before I was kicked out and designed a set for my new friend's fashion collection. I saw a beautiful French film and so much art that I thought my head was going to explode. My favorites were a collection of photographs from the 1970's feminist movement, Elton John's personal photo collection and Robert Rauschenberg's exhibit which I came to find out is from Texas.   

For once I didn't feel guilty speaking English in social settings and it was nice to share a home cooked meal when we were so far away from familiarity and home. I did not want to leave but I left part of me behind, my bra.