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Two Step to Lockhart

Stephanie Pulido

Who knew you could get a free house by making an offer before it is being demolished. Also, who knew we have a striving artist community 20 miles outside of Austin? The more you know. I had the gracious opportunity to house sit for two of the members of my favorite band in Austin, Tele Novella. Their house replicated their style with shelves beyond shelves of records, 85% of the music I had never heard of but was eager to listen. She had her own personal dressing room filled with amazing vintage, need I say more, and the cutest Shasta in the backyard where I was able to host friends. 

I devoured guacamole naked and modeled for SPREAD, which is a food art zine based out of Austin, TX, thrifted great finds like a Prince 1999 record and a fur mink hat, took acid and listened to "Their Satanic Majesties Request" while melting into the floor. It was a fun ride and helped me gain confidence in solitude before I embarked on my journey to Europe.