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Don't Let the Draft Get In

Stephanie Pulido

Life is full of choices. Sometimes too many choices were you feel conflicted and your anxiety rolls in like an unanticipated rain storm.  As cliche as "As one door closes, another one opens", it is completely true. Leaving Austin was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. I closed the door, with leaving a little crack, just enough for the draft to get in. But that minute seep of air has been holding me back and I knew I needed to shut the door, in order to be faultlessly present. 

Spain is filled with history, architecture, culture, art, four variations of Spanish and the list goes on.  Looking at the detailing of windows and doors really captivates me, and challenges my curiosity. How long has this building been abandoned? When was it built? Who lives there? Why did they choose that shade of green? Was someone murdered there or did it used to be a brothel? 

This will be a continuous series as I resume my travels, opening and closing doors. Always remembering to not let the draft get in.