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My Nene in Lisboa


My Nene in Lisboa

Stephanie Pulido

After hours of perusing on the world wide web, I found out one of my favorite artists, Cate Le Bon was on a Euro Tour. I heard numerous positive remarks about Lisbon, so decided to head West. My friend Terra has been my music enthusiast since I have been away and recommended I check out Mykki Blanco, who is a transgender performance artist. They so happened to be playing right after Cate and each ticket got you a shot of JAMESON.  My night continuously kept falling into place and I thought to myself life has a crazy way of working out, and when it doesn't it is how you react that builds character. 

Since I was on a budget and did not know a soul, I decided to check out couch surfing for the first time. Not only did we hit it off, she took me to buy hash and we ate at one of the oldest places in Portugal called Super Marios to eat bitoque, which is a flat ironed steak with a fried egg on top and french fries. We had cocktails at one of the best bars I have ever been to. One room was filled with fur walls and a stripper pole, another projected an oldies film on the wall and the last room was the epitome of a classic cocktail lounge with 19th century velvet chairs, Al Green lightly playing in the background and golden framed art scattered amongst the walls. We discussed Cambodian rock, drank Pimms cups and the show hadn't even begun. 

The following day was a little laid back as I stayed out to the wee hours, but I traveled to Belen where they have the infamous pastel del nata, and went to the contemporary art museum. The following day I went to Sintra, and hiked to the top of a castle, wandered through a palace that was originally housed by monks and went to the most western point in Europe, the closest to America I could get. The smell of the ocean and the breeze of the crisp sea air as a gazed at the stars recharged my mind and soul. Sometimes you need to close your eyes and listen. Listen to your surroundings and speak to your senses. What do you feel? What do you smell? How does it taste? Vision isn't everything, it's those tender moments in solitude that is an experience within itself.